Goodbye Town, Part Two


I had let folks around town know that I had accepted a new job and would be leaving Wayne.  Folks were happy for me and were also sad to see me leave.  I had to resign my seat as a City Council member as well as various boards in the community.  Then the guilt set in and I mean GUILT!  For every person that said they were happy for me and wished me the best, I had three looking at me and saying, “I can’t believe you are abandoning your dad/mom”.  Now, my parents are both grown adults that raised two, pretty stable children.  When I tell you that weighed so heavily on me, it almost caused me to stay where I was and not take the new job.

That guilt weighed heavily on me for almost six months.  I kept asking myself, “Did I really abandon them?”.  Finally, a friend shook me out of that mindset by saying my parents wanted what was best for me and that they knew where they could find me at my new place.  Plus, I finally realized that those people who were saying those things to me were simply envious.  There was no out for them.  They were tied to their situation and I was able to start new.  Experience new things.

It was a hot July day, Uhaul truck parked in my driveway and at that moment, I realized I owned too much stuff to fit in the tiny garage apartment I was moving into that day.  The whole family loaded up and headed to Charleston for my new adventure.  Go to unlock the front door of my new place and it is hotter than the gates of Hades.  Check the unit and it froze up; just my luck.

We managed to get everything unloaded into the apartment and headed out to eat lunch.  I knew that I had to get some fans for the apartment to help cool it off because the earliest I could get the AC fixed was on the following Wednesday.  That first night sucked.  I couldn’t stop sweating and even the pets were miserable.  One cat was panting because he was so hot.

I ended having to stay back in Wayne with my pets at my parent’s house because it was so hot.  I truly thought I had made a mistake by taking the new job.  Was the Lord testing me? Was it a sign that I was walking into a hot mess?  All I knew was that I lost weight the first week because of that hot July air.

To wrap this up, remember that your words have power and that they can really impact a person’s mental health.  If they get a great opportunity, be excited for them.  Don’t be nasty.  Check your own perspective.  Personal opinions are just that, personal.  I often tell myself that opinions are like eyebrows, most people have one or two.  However, it took a while for me to realize that the decisions I make are in my best interest.  It is a 50/50 chance of success.

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